What are the indicators of a great physique? Is it great abs, peaked biceps, or a broad back? Well, the fabulous physique is primarily associated with body symmetry. A symmetric body is one whose body parts flow into each other. This means that none of the body parts is bigger than the other at any one point.

Most workout beginners rule out their legs when working out, resulting in asymmetrical bodies. Here are some exercises you can put into play to ensure that you attain that symmetrical shape you are craving for.

Barbell squats

Barbell squats are essential in keeping your legs muscles tight and fit. When doing this exercise, you should put your legs apart with your toes being slightly upwards to avoid injuring yourself. You should then use your trap muscles to support the barbell with your head facing upwards and your chest up.


Slowly bend your knees with your back straightened and push your knees outwards. It’s essential to make sure that you move the bar straight up and down for better results. It’s recommended that you do at least four sets every day with six to ten reps. click here for more info on this topic.

Standing calf raises

When carrying out this exercise, you must first set up the calf raise machine to suit your height. You should then stand on the machine with your shoulders beneath the machine pads and your toes facing forward.

Make sure that your feet balls are resting firmly on the step, then raise your heels as you exhale as you feel your flex calves. Stay still for a few seconds, then return your heels to the initial position by lowering them.


For good results, select loads that will hit muscle failure as you repeat your sets. Make sure to carry out these exercises at least four times a week to make something out of your leg training sessions within the shortest time possible.