How should i clean my vagina and vulva?

Your vulva and you may snatch are given that novel once the remainder of one’s body. The following is everything you need to realize about vulvas, genital discharge, and how to take care of your genitals.

Is actually my personal pussy regular?

We say “vagina” while they are actually talking about the fresh new vulva. This new vulva ‘s the additional, noticeable element of your snatch – your own labia (lips), clitoris, vaginal beginning, while the starting to your urethra (the hole you urinate off). New pussy ‘s the inside – the stretchy tube one connects the vulva to the cervix and you may womb . Read more on vulvas and you may vaginas.

There is such situation given that a “normal” appearing vulva. Vaginas and you may vulvas try as the unique as the face – all of them have the same pieces, but every person’s looks a little more. (more…)