Don’t worry, you can change this back after flushing out your profile

So, you are new to Fetlife. First off, welcome! This writing is going to have a few tips and tricks in it, as well as links to other pertinent writings.

Name, Location, Age

If it is not already too late, consider changing your name/alias to one that is not already on any other social media sites or apps. “Ambitious” types have been known to seek fetlife members on various other platforms.

We recommend, till you have completed your profile, you change your location to something arbitrary. Some popular locations include Antarctica, The Vatican and other pseudo-anonymous locations.

Much like the above recommendations, this one also makes it a little more difficult for fuckbois and fakes to bombard you with messages while you complete constructing your profile. It is great for piece of mind to change your age to something above 90 years old. As pathetic as it sounds, less desirable types will click on any profile in the age range of their preferences. (more…)