Good Neighbor Stuff is a group that performs comedy show on the road. If you haven’t seen one of their shows yet, then you are missing a lot of things. Although they can only be seen every once in a while and has no normal gig where you can regularly watch their acts, they have developed a dedicated fan base that supports their careers through and through. Comedy shows had never been more fun with this group.  

The group started back during the members’ college days. They live in one neighborhood where their friendship had also been developed. Contrary to what many expects, the members of this group are not childhood friends. They did not even know each other until they went to the community college. There, they started exchanging jokes. This developed into stories which became then informal performances for their college mates. When their talents became more noticeable, they started to get invited to perform in other schools and during events in their community. After college, they have decided to capitalize on these experiences and start touring around the United States.  

What makes them distinct is that their act is very genuine. It was not in a traditional slapstick style where people grow tired of after a while. Theirs is pure talent where they make every comedy show they star on almost effortless in their creativity. What more is that every single time they manage to bring something new with them. Their act is not repetitive which gives their audience something to look forward to.  

Over the years, live performances are not the only thing they became popular of. They started making short films that you can watch on YouTube. They also started performing on events due to the insistent public demand.  

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