Vivian T. 

There is something exquisite in watching the Good Neighborhood Stuff perform. They are like no other when it comes to their acts, and it is obvious that what they have is a real talent and not a product of practice. They are great when it comes to impromptu which is what makes the whole thing funnier. They are very genuine that we cannot help but hurt our stomach from too much laughter. Now, the whole family is looking forward to the next town festival just to be able to watch them again.  

Henry K.  

Acting requires talent, but to perform a comedy show? That is way harder. I simply cannot fathom how these people made it all seem effortless. The way they move and they talk, it is evident that the whole group is in sync with each of their members. They do know how to respond to each other which is very entertaining. Not once did they ever resort to doing acts that make them look desperate. Everything they do is fluid. They are even very tactful in every single word that comes out of their mouth. This group should have their own show on TV.  

Bettina A.  

Two thumbs up for the Good Neighborhood Stuff! I managed to only witness their show once during the birthday of my niece, but I was not disappointed. In fact, it was the highlight of the whole event. They were really superb in what they do that it is sad that they do not have a regular gig. It was really nice if there is somewhere near here where we could watch them whenever we can. They are such good performers that they are something to look forward too. Honestly, they can make you laugh whatever mood you are in at any moment. This is a must recommended group.  


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